­Selecting The Best Colorado Excavation Contractor

In many projects, the customer makes the mistake of using price as the first and only criterion when choosing the right excavation contractor. However, there are many other aspects to consider when choosing between unknown partners. Our article will help you look behind the price and ask the right questions when selecting the best Colorado excavation contractor.

Excavation Contractor Experience

It is easy to see why we put experience first. A lack of expertise cannot be compensated for by a cheaper quote, especially in a professional job where one mistake can endanger the entire project or even human lives. Developing infrastructures or digging the foundations for a client’s house requires a completely different set of skills.


If you don’t hire an excavating company to talk, why are good communication skills important? Experience shows that the customer is not truly satisfied until what they have dreamed of is achieved. This requires the service provider to be open to communication and to give the client space to outline their ideas. Equally important, however, is honest feedback. Non-professional customers do not always have the necessary knowledge and experience to assess whether their ideas are feasible.

The best Colorado excavation contractor will assist the client with the necessary support during the planning and consultation process so that a realistic concept can be developed.

Licensing, certifications, and insurance

The operation of heavy machinery is a risky job that involves regulations, so digging requires a license from the county and state. To lay a strong foundation for structures or hardscapes, it is essential to understand the building and digging codes.

Because heavy, costly equipment and human operators are involved, it is imperative to provide insurance coverage for any unintended accidents. The operator should have a backup plan for costs if, during dirt removal, he damages something underground.

The right machinery

It is also crucial that the excavation company has the right tools and machinery. It is by no means certain that the largest and most powerful machines will be the best solution for your project. There are often situations where smaller, more mobile excavators are needed – for example, to maneuver along hard-to-reach side walls or to work on soils that cannot support heavy loads.

The machinery required should be determined during the negotiation process. Therefore, it is important that the service provider either has these machines or has timely access to them.

The price as the last factor

If all else is given, it is worth looking at the price. The excavation contractor’s quote must include all costs, including the following:

  • Parking
  • Transportation of the machinery
  • Removal of gravel
  • The provision of the necessary toilets and other infrastructure

The best service providers do not trick with their prices, you will not find any hidden costs with them and in the end, you will not pay more than you agreed. Of course, some previously unforeseen factors may come to light during the excavation work (since you cannot see into the ground during negotiations), but an experienced professional will anticipate this, factor in the risks, and communicate them transparently to the client.

If you are looking for a transparently working, honest, and experienced excavation company partner, give us a call or check out our website – we are always happy to support you!